Ms. Wilda Hughes

Clerical Officer

Ms. Hughes joined the Financial Services Commission as a Clerical Officer in February 2012.

She is a graduate of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School and furthered her professional academics at the Comprehensive Learning Center in Anguilla. Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Hughes worked both in the public and private sectors of Anguilla, namely: the Government of Anguilla, LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless) Regional Call Centre (Anguilla) and a local debt collection agency.

Ms. Hughes brings to Commission valuable knowledge from both sectors as well as exemplary administrative and customer service skills.

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Contact Information

Anguilla Financial Services Commission
MAICO Building, P.O. Box 1575, The Valley
Phone: +1 (264) 497 5881 / +1 (264) 497 5466