Press Release - AFSC Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

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The Valley, Anguilla - The Anguilla Financial Services Commission is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the financial services supervisor in Anguilla. The Commission was established as an independent statutory body by the enactment of the Financial Services Commission Act on 26th November 2003 and opened its doors on 2nd February 2004. The Commission licenses and regulates financial services entities in Anguilla, as well as those operating internationally from within Anguilla.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the Commission was established to act as a regulatory body independent of government. It reports to the Governor of Anguilla who has responsibility for oversight of international financial regulation under the Constitution of Anguilla. 

Through the past two decades, the Commission has seen tremendous growth in its remit, now being the Anti-Money Laundering supervisory authority, in addition to introducing legislation and establishing regulatory frameworks in several niche sectors of the financial services industry. Continuing its embrace of innovation, several new and modernized pieces of legislation are set to come on stream in 2024 to further expand the jurisdiction’s offerings. 

To commemorate its journey from inception to present, the Commission will be holding a month of activities throughout February, including attending a Church service, community and charitable service, and other events where key stakeholders will be invited to participate. Foremost amongst the 20th anniversary activities scheduled in February is the Commission’s 2-Day Anguilla FinTech and Compliance Conference under the theme Resolve to Evolve, to be held at Aurora Anguilla on February 7th and via Virtual delivery on February 8th 2024. 

The many valued partners and stakeholders are recognized for their contributions to the growth and development of Anguilla’s financial services industry as it continues its upward trajectory to becoming a premier financial services centre.


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