Domestic Insurers

Entity Street & Mailing Address Country Tel Fax
Best Meridian Insurance Company Caribbean Commercial Complex P.O. Box 1377 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-3525 (264) 497-3526
Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited P.O. Box 1377 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-3525 (264) 497-3526
Ennia Caribe Schade N.V. Caribbean Insurance Brokers (Anguilla) Limited 1st Floor The Hansa Bank Building The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I.
Land America The Law Building P.O. Box 687 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-3142 (264) 497-5753

Offshore Insurers

Entity Street & Mailing Address Country Tel Fax Email Website
Citadel Insurance Company Limited AXA Offshore Company Limited PO Box 687, The Law Building The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-3142 (264) 497-5753
Curadon Insurance Corporation Mitchell House P.O Box 174 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880
Fidelity Insurance Company Limited The Law Building P.O Box 14 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-3142 (264) 497-5753
Maven Assurance Limited Heywood House P.O. Box 294 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-6468 (264) 497-6800
Maven International Life Insurance Heywood House P.O. Box 294 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-6468 (264) 497-6800
Olympia Insurance Company Limited Harlaw Chambers P.O. Box 1026 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-5000 (264) 498-5001
Physicians Excess Insurance Company Ltd Caribbean Suite, NBA Corporate Building St Mary's Road P O Box 1338 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. TV1 11P (264) 497-2189 (264) 497-5007
Trans Global Re, Ltd. 201 Rogers Office Building Edwin Wallace Rey Drive P.O. Box 941 George Hill Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-5858 (264) 497-5504
Universal Select Assurance Inc. First Anguilla Trust Company Limited Mitchell House P O BOX 174 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880


    Insurance Managers

    Entity Street & Mailing Address Country Tel Fax Email Website
    Anguilla Insurance Management Inc. Anguilla Professional Complex P.O. Box 335 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-4246 (264) 497-2228
    Atu Insurance Management (Anguilla) Inc Mitchell House P .O. Box 174 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880
    Belmont Insurance Management (Anguilla) Limited Heywood House P.O. Box 294 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-6468 (264) 497-6800
    Offshore Trust Services The Law Building P.O. Box 687 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497 3142 (264) 497-5753
    Premier Insurance Management Ltd. Mitchell House P.O Box 174 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880
    RSG Limited Webster Dyrud Mitchell P.O. Box 58 Victoria House The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. TV1 11P (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880
    Taino Insurance Managers, Ltd Mitchell House P.O Box 174 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 498-8800 (264) 498-8880
    Wealth Management Solutions, LLC. 120 E. Main Street Suite 101 Ramsey NJ, USA 07446-1925 (201) 995-9085 ext. 5 (201) 995-9087

      Insurance Agents

      Entity Street & Mailing Address Country Tel Fax
      Axa Agencies Ltd. The Law Building P.O. Box 14 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-2984 (264) 497-3012
      Caribbean Craft Innovations Limited NBA Corporate Buildings St. Mary’s Road The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. TV1 11P (268) 779-6388 (268) 562-6077
      Caribbean Insurers (Anguilla) Limited Hansa Bank Building P.O. Box 671 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-5621 (264) 497-5220
      Gulf Insurance Agency Ltd P.O. Box 189 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-6613 (264) 497-6713
      North Eastern Insurance Services Ltd P.O. Box 350 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-5554 (264) 497-5310
      SRM Ltd 201 Rogers Office Building Edwin Wallace Rey Drive P.O. Box 941 George Hill Anguilla, B.W.I. TV1 11P (264) 498-5858 (264) 497-5504

        Insurance Brokers

        Entity Street & Mailing Address Country Tel Fax
        DMR Brokerage Services Ltd. The Mason Complex Suites 19 & 20 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-7416 (264) 497-7417
        Erica Delphine Fleming P.O. Box 428 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-7073 (264) 497-5836
        The Special Family Management S.A (SFMS) Professional Complex P.O. Box I4052 The Valley Anguilla, B.W.I. (264) 497-7416 (264) 497-7417

        Captive Insurers

        1st National Farm Insurance Group, Ltd
        A & M Indemnity, Ltd.
        A & T Dray Risk Assurances Corp.
        A.F. Sterling Insurance Company Ltd.
        ACE Risk Corp.
        Adrasteak Insurance Corporation
        Advantage Business Insurance Company
        Aegis Captive Insurance Company Ltd.
        Akamai Insurance Ltd
        Alco Risk Management Corp.
        All American Reinsurance Company PCC
        All Liberty Insurance Ltd.
        Alloy Casualty Corp.
        Alpha Assurance Company Ltd.
        Amberwood Insurance, Ltd
        Apex Insurance Company
        Ariel Assurance Ltd.
        ASAP Insurance Company Ltd
        Assured Solutions Unlimited Inc.
        Atlantic Risk Corp.
        Automation Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Autoworks Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        BBR Insurance Company Ltd
        Belcher Insurance Company Ltd.
        Belmont Risk Solutions
        Bessemer Casualty Corp.
        Bionet Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Blackhawk Indemnity, Ltd.
        Bloomfield Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Blue Sea Assurance Limited
        Boyce Mutual Limited
        BSJ & 3 Insurance Ltd.
        Burton Insurance, Ltd.
        Caguas Casualty Corp.
        Calhoun County Casualty Corp.
        Capital Account Co.
        Carlton Insurance Company Limited
        Carnegie Casualty Corp.
        Carpal Casualty Corp.
        Casings Casualty Corp.
        Castlebar Insurance, Ltd.
        Catalina Insurance Company Ltd.
        Cedar Insurance, Ltd.
        Central Casualty Corp.
        Chamsa Insurance Ltd.
        Chesapeake Casualty Corp.
        Christiana Assurance, Ltd.
        Citywide Insurance Company Ltd.
        Clare Insurance Company
        Columbia Casualty Corp.
        Columbus Capital Insurance Limited
        Columbia Group Insurance Inc.
        Compass Inc.
        Concrete Casualty Corp.
        Consolidated Casualty Corp.
        Construction Casualty Corp.
        Copperfield Insurance, Ltd.
        Cordova Insurance Company PCC
        Cosmos Insurance Company Limited
        CQ Insurance, Ltd.
        CRAC Insurance Company Ltd.
        Credit Reassurance Ltd.
        CRH Insurance, Ltd.
        Crimson Insurance Company Ltd.
        Crosspointe Casualty PCC
        Cross Timbers Casualty, Ltd.
        CW Insurance Limited
        D & D Insurance Company, Ltd.
        D & R Insurance, Ltd
        Dam Insurance Management Ltd.
        DAP Associates Insurance, Ltd.
        Daystar Insurance, Ltd.
        Delta Team Ltd.
        Desert Trails Insurance Co.
        Diversified Risk & Assessment, Ltd.
        DLK Risk Management Corp.
        DPS Insurance Ltd.
        Drofdar Insurance Company Ltd.
        Dublan Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Earthworks Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Electrical Casualty Products Limited
        Empower Assurance Ltd.
        Entertainment Industry Casualty Products Ltd.
        Ent Risk Corp.
        Environ Ltd.
        Euston Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Everlasting Captive Insurance PCC
        Extra Shield Insurance Company
        FinServ Casualty Corp.
        Florida United Insurance Company
        Geobury, Ltd.
        Gleim Insurance Management Ltd.
        Global Casualty Unlimited Inc.
        Global Risk Corp.
        GPM III Inc.
        Graces Management Ltd
        Granite Insurance Company Ltd
        Granite Risk Corp.
        Grayfin Insurance Co. Ltd.
        Great Bay Insurance Company Limited
        Great Circle Business Insurance, Ltd.
        Green Hill Insurance Limited
        GRN Insurance Services Ltd.
        GSR Insurance PCC
        Guardian Risk Corp.
        Guardian Risk #2 Corp.
        Haig Insurance Ltd.
        Hammock International Group Limited
        Hampstead Casualty Corp.
        Harbour International Insurance Company, Inc.
        Hayden Insurance Ltd.
        Heath Insurance Company Ltd.
        HealthCo Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Heart Safe Insurance Company Ltd.
        Heritage Business Insurance, Ltd
        High Ground Insurance Ltd.
        High Pines Insurance Ltd.
        Highlander Insurance, Ltd.
        Hotel Risk Management Corp.
        Industrial Casualty Corp.
        Information Casualty Corp.
        Infinity General Insurance, Ltd.
        Innovative Assurance, Ltd.
        Insurion Insurance Company Ltd.
        Integrity Insurance Ltd.
        International Risk Corp.
        Irish Mutual Insurance Company Limited
        JC Insurance Ltd.
        JCJ Insurance Company, Ltd.
        JDH Insurance, Ltd.
        JEJ Management Ltd
        JLH Reinsurance Co., Inc.
        Kerpen Re, Ltd.
        Keystone Insurance Ltd
        KOFS Group 1 Assurances Corp.
        KOFS Group 2 Assurances Corp.
        KOFS Group 3 Assurances Corp.
        KOFS Group 4 Assurances Corp.
        Laguna Insurance Ltd.
        Lake City Insurance Company, Ltd.
        LDH Property & Casualty PCC
        Legacy Assurance Ltd.
        Legacy Business Insurance, Ltd.
        Lift Insurance Group, Ltd.
        Lockwood Insurance Inc.
        LP Casualty Limited
        M & T Insurance Ltd.
        Magnum Insurance Company Limited.
        Mainland Insurance Limited
        Malds Insurance Company
        Manchester Re, PCC
        MBM Group Limited
        Meander Insurance Company Limited
        Medical Liability Assurance Ltd.
        Merth Insurance Company Ltd.
        Metropolitan Manufacturers Insurance Company
        MGK Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Mika One Property & Casualty, Ltd.
        Millennium Insurance Ltd.
        MineSight Insurance Group Ltd.
        Mirsol Indemnity Ltd.
        Modern Mutual Insurance Company Limited
        Morant Insurance Company Limited
        Morianai Insurance Ltd.
        MoveCo Casualty Corp.
        MTI Insurance Services, Ltd.
        Nephpro Insurance, Ltd.
        Newport Casualty PCC
        New Providential Insurance Company Ltd.
        NLN Insurance Ltd.
        Noble Insurance Company Limited
        Noram Risk Management PCC
        Northwest Casualty Corp.
        Ocean West Insurance, Ltd.
        Old Bailey Insurance Company Ltd.
        Old Concord Insurance Company
        Omega Risk Management, Inc.
        Opus Veritas Casualty Company
        Oxford Business Insurance PCC
        Pacific Insurance Ltd.
        Pacific Risk Corp.
        Pacific Risk #2 Corp.
        PAL Associates Insurance, Ltd.
        Patriot Insurance Management Ltd.
        Performance Casualty Corp
        Physicians Casualty Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Pommes Frites Casualty Company
        Precision Casualty Corp.
        Premier Assurance Limited
        Premier Insurance Company Ltd.
        Premier Physicians Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Preservation Alliance Ltd.
        Prestige Insurance Company Limited
        Pro Media Insurance Limited
        Prosperitas Assurance Ltd.
        Prudent Liability Insurance Company Ltd.
        QPM 2 Insurance PCC
        QPM Insurance PCC
        Quality Medical Insurance Company Ltd.
        Rancher's Trust Insurance Ltd
        Reinforce Insurance, Ltd.
        Renaissance Insurance Ltd
        Republic Resources Inc.
        Reserve Casualty Corp.
        Reservoir Casualty Corp
        Ridge Casualty Corp.
        Rio Salado Indemnity PCC
        Risk Kurb Insurance Ltd.
        Rocky Top Insurance Ltd.
        S & S Risk Management Limited
        SafeGuard Captive Insurance, Ltd.
        Safe Shore Insurance Company
        SAI Protection, Ltd.
        Sans Souci Insurance Ltd.
        Schiffer Insurance, Ltd.
        Scion Indemnity, Ltd.
        Security Casualty Corp
        Sentinel Insurance Company Ltd.
        Sentry Insurance Company Ltd.
        Shalimar Business Insurance PCC
        Sierra View Insurance Ltd.
        Siraat Insurance Company Limited
        Source One Insurance, Ltd
        Southwest Emergency Physicians Insurance PCC
        Spartan Insurance Company, Ltd.
        Special Risk Indemnity Insurance Company Ltd.
        Spectrum Property & Casualty Insurance Company PCC
        St. Clair Insurance Inc.
        St. Mark Inc.
        Starfish Insurance Ltd.
        Stonebridge Insurance Ltd.
        Strand Indemnity, Ltd.
        Summit Business Insurance Group Ltd.
        TDS Insurance Company Limited
        Texas Risk Assurances Corp.
        The RHPI Captive Insurance Company, Ltd
        Thistle Crown Insurance, Ltd.
        Timonium Insurance, Ltd
        Tortuga Cay Casualty, Ltd.
        Tortuga Insurance Ltd.
        Training Equipment Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Trans-National Insurance Company
        Transpro Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
        Treadstone Insurance PCC
        Treadwell Casualty Corp.
        TWG Insurance Company, Ltd.
        United Family Insurance Ltd.
        United International Re-insurance Company
        Universal Business Insurance, Ltd.
        Universal P & C Corporation
        University Insurance Limited
        Ursa Insurance, Ltd.
        USA Doctors Insurance Company PCC
        Vienna Mutual Limited
        Vindex Insurance, Ltd.
        VisionRe Limited
        VMH Insurance Company Ltd.
        W.A.B Risk Assurances Corp.
        Watchman Insurance Ltd.
        Wasatch Insurance, Ltd.
        Westminster Mutual Insurance Company Limited
        Worldwide Assurance Ltd.
        Worldwide Insurance Company, Inc.
        Wyndhaven Insurance, Ltd.
          Contact Information

          Anguilla Financial Services Commission
          MAICO Building, P.O. Box 1575, The Valley
          Phone: +1 264 497 5881
          Fax: +1 264 497 5872